Propellerhead Reason 5 for Making Beats

Propellerhead Reason is a great option for making beats and other instrumental electronic music on a computer.

Why? Reason emulates a hardware rack, and allows you to visualize and patch the samplers, synths and effects the same way that you would handle hardware.

This makes it extremely accessible to those that are familiar with working in a hardware environment. And it can be a welcome change of pace and scenery for those that are very familiar with different software available for music production.

I’ve been using Propellerhead Reason since version 1 and it’s been a pleasure to use and it’s been fun watching it grow. Currently, Reason 5 is the newest version.

What is so great about Reason 5? Well, for starters they added some more modules, as they do with any upgrade. Here’s a video overview of the new Kong drum machine.

But the neatest thing that I think that was added to Reason 5 was a feature that makes Reason even better for producing beats and hip-hop instrumentals – you can now sample directly into the samplers.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can use the audio in jack on your computer and sample sounds directly into Reason and it’s samplers. This is really awesome. Check out this video that shows this capability off a little bit.

Up until version 5 of Reason you would have needed to use something like Audacity to sample sounds, process them and save them for use in Reason. And then you would still have to load them into a sampler in Reason. This new feature completely wipes out the need for any 3rd party software to sample your own sounds and to get them into the samplers in Reason. The samplers are now actually samplers!

This is why I now consider this to be a very awesome software option for beat production. Sampling, sequencing and all kinds of other stuff can be done with just this one software app.

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