My Friends Think I’m a Beat Making Wizard

Sometimes my friends aren’t really all that hard to impress. What was the latest thing that I impressed them with? Beats. I got my hands on some beat making software and started to make a few rap beats, mainly just to have to some fun.

The Beats Came Quickly

Well, one thing lead to another and soon I had a library of about 50 original beats that I had put together. Some were short loops, some were longer loops. Out of those 50 beats, I think about 20 of them really stood out and sounded really phat.

Well, I burned the loops to a CD for a friend of mine that likes to rap. He’s also like me, he doesn’t take things too seriously when it comes to music, he just like to play around and have fun with it.

He likes to play with words more than actually trying to rap, but that’s all rapping is really anyway, it’s just musical wordplay.

Here, Have a CD

Essentially, the CD I gave him contained about 15 tracks, each about 3-5 minutes long, and each track was just one of the beats, looping over and over again.

I faded out the end of each track, and also added a few breakdowns, but nothing major.

Hearing Rhymes Over My Beats

The next time I was hanging out at my friends place, he broke out the CD, and started laying down some raps to it. He said he was pretty impressed by the beats, and when I heard his lyrics over the top of the beats it gave them a whole new dimension.

This was awesome! I was hooked.

Ever since then, I’ve started to take my hobby a little more seriously.

How I Got Here

I started out with Sonic Producer, an affordable and accessible app which really introduced me to a lot of the basics of making beats. I made a lot of beats with that one. It got me going in the right direction. I made a lot of beats and burned a lot of CDs in an attempt to listen to and review each beat in my car on the big stereo.

After about a year I decided to upgrade to Propellerhead Reason. I like using Reason quite a bit too for making beats, but I still break out Sonic Producer every once in a while.

Playing around with both of them is pretty fun. But who would have thought that I’d be focusing more time on producing electronic beats than actually playing drums at this point? I never thought this would have happened.

But I’ve found that there is a certain air of authority that surrounds me now, now that I have demonstrated to all those that I know that I am a beat making wizard. It’s like I’m a magician or something. But I don’t really find it that difficult because I have a good ear and good tools.

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